D1.1 Realization of homogeneous CZTSe thin films on glass and flexible substrates 1 UOL R CO M30
D1.2 CZTS solar cells demonstrating 16% conversion efficiency 1 TALT DEM PU M24
D1.3 CZTS solar cells demonstrating 20% conversion efficiency 1 TALT DEM PU M36
D1.4 Final front contact and back contact design selected 1 UU DEM CO M30
D2.1 Lifetime of the neat device 2 IPC R PU M36
D2.2 Multi-nanolayer flexible packaging 2 IPC R CO M36
D2.3 Mechanical aging and lifetime of the whole packaged module 2 IPC R PU M42
D2.4 Field test of the whole packaged module 2 AYESA R PU M42
D3.1 Upscaling CZTS monograin production 3 CRYS R CO M36
D3.2 Solar cell in steel substrate comparable to rigid substrate 3 IMRA R CO M24
D3.3 All solution processed front contact 3 CRYS R CO M30
D3.4 R2R production of front contact 3 CRYS R CO M36
D3.5 Demonstration 16% efficiency modules 3 CRYS R PU M42
D4.1 Final mock-up designs and specification sheets for the 4 BIPV/PIPV solutions 4 AYESA R PU M36
D4.2 Evaluation and test report: BIPV products 4 AYESA R PU M42
D4.3 Evaluation and test report: BIPV products 4 KWS R PU M42
D4.4 Assessment report on costs and economic viability of products developed 4 AYESA R CO M42
D5.1 Preliminary life cycle and cost assessment 5 OBU R CO M21
D5.2 Final life cycle assessment report 5 OBU R CO M42
D5.3 Final life cycle costing analyses 5 CRYS R CO M42
D5.4 Socio-economic impact analysis 5 OBU R PU M36
D5.5 Recycling optimisation and demonstration 5 ECOR R CO M42
D5.6 Business plan report for a full-scale plant 5 ECOR R CO M42
D6.1 Communication and dissemination plan 6 IREC R D6.1. Communication and Dissemination Plan M3
D6.2 CUSTOM-ART website 6 IREC R D6.2 Custom-Art Website M3
D6.3 Presentation video 6 IREC R PU M6
D6.4 Brochure 6 IREC R PU M7
D6.5 Data management plan 6 IREC R PU M6
D6.6 Market and stakeholder analysis 6 AYESA R PU M12
D6.7 IPR protection and exploitation 6 IREC R CO M42
D6.8 Commercialization and market update 6 AYESA R CO M42
D7.1 Completion and formal Constitution of IAB 7 IREC R CO M1
D7.2 Project management plan 7 IREC R CO M3
D7.3 Project internal web database 7 IREC R CO M6
D7.4 Gender equality action plan 7 IREC R D7.4. Custom-Art Gender Equality Action Plan M6
D7.5 Interim progress report at M8 7 IREC R CO M8
D7.6 Interim progress report at M30 7 IREC R CO M30
D7.7 Interim progress report at M42 8 IREC R CO M42